A digital production ecosystem to represent territories and citizen narratives.
Ubiqarama is a web development...

which emerged from various experiences related to participatory content and digital narrative creation projects carried out by Úbiqa.

We have designed a website template based on a WordPress theme, which facilitates the implementation and systematization of participatory digital narrative creation projects using different resources: images, photos, videos, texts and different narrative types: mosaics, maps with geopositioned contents, route creation and territory mapping.

Ubiqarama is an ecosystem...

which facilitates the implementation of digital mapping projects, the creation, posting and dissemination of participatory contents and digital narratives regarding the territories.

Ubiqarama enables you...

to create projects and post the contents created with mobile phones, to tag them and to geoposition them.

Once the contents have been posted, the platform allows filtering using different criteria: location, gender, age range, tags, etc., and organizing and viewing the contents in mosaic, map or route mode.

Ubiqarama has been developed...

using free open software and can be used by any person or organization to create and customize their own mapping project as well as digital narratives.

Mosaics, routes y mappings with geopositioned digital content.