Celebrate LX

Commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the European Intercultural Cities Programme (ICC) in Lisbon and participatory mapping of the event as well as the city.

Event, participation, campaign, diversity, mapping, micronarrative, documentary, webdoc.


November 2017

Participatory project involving the creation of digital narratives…

documenting the activities to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the European Intercultural Cities Programme (ICC) and producing a mapping featuring Lisbon and the diversity of the city.

Celebrate LX proposes a change of viewpoint, a new way of documenting territories and themes in a collective manner, promoting participation, collaboration and co-creation of digital content and narratives.

Carrying out an experimental and documentary activity...

involving as many participants as possible and contributing to their documenting the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the European ICC Programme.

Celebrate LX triggers a Mobile Avalanche...

of content and digital narrative co-creation, involving all those participating in the event, so as to carry out a participatory content and digital narrative creation exercise using their own mobile phones.

The results of Celebrate LX are...

a number of contents produced by the participants in video, photo and sound mapping format. With these materials, and others produced by us, such as a 360-degree video, we create an atlas of the project which includes a map of Lisbon, a map of the diversity of the city and a map of the event itself, which can be viewed on the project’s website.

The content generated through the Mobile Avalanche as well as the images recorded by Úbiqa were used to prepare a video summary showing the results of the experience and the development of the project as well as a webdoc, an interactive audiovisual container which can be used to browse all the contents.

A collective mapping of the city of Lisbon from an intercultural perspective.